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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning and sealing porcelain tiles protect them absorbing stains and contaminations that can leave permanent marks. The specialised deep cleaning service is designed to restore the fresh look of contaminated tiled floors. Only vacuuming and mopping cannot remove efficiently to permanent marks, dirty on the grout and tiles. Turn to us for floor marble, granite, ceramic, terracotta, natural stone floor cleaning and wall tile cleaning by using of a high-end professional hot water extraction equipment to get disinfected and shiny surfaces again.


High water pressure cleaning 

The Experienced team at Top End Floor Cleaning use the latest professional grade high pressure water machine to remove loose paints, stain, mud, dust and dirt from surfaces. High water pressure cleaning is useful for roofs, driveways, walls, garden paths, garden furniture, exterior walls and so on depending upon the surface to be cleaned. The benefits of pressure cleaning are extending the lifespan of hard floor surfaces, keep free from germs and bacteria, reduce allergies, minimise hazards. If you are unsure and need to be cleaned is not mentioned above please feel free to contact us now, we will do our best to advice you.

Floor stripping and sealing  

When you get a new floor it can be shiny, polished and attractive looking, however overtime, it can dramatically lose its gloss and can require additional sealing and protection. The process of strip and sealing is the removing of the old sealer and applying new coats of sealer on floors in several layers. Floor striping and sealing can use for vinyl, tile and marble floors and depending on the condition of the floor; when last strip and seal was applied.  The new seal adds more shine, make easier to clean surface, reduce the risk of marks, scratches, and provides a barrier against bacteria and scratches are some important benefits of floor striping and sealing.

Carpet cleaning  

Carpet is one of the expensive items in your house and you want it can continue to give you many more years of softness and warmth underfoot definitely you need to treat it with respect. You can only do regular vacuuming on carpets. After a while, the accumulation of dirt, particles and outside material can affect your floors to leave stained, discoloured and smelly carpet behind. Our team is highly trained, experienced and use proper tools in deep carpet professional cleaning to remove the excessive amount of dirt, dust mites from the carpet and also minimising the potential damaging to floor tops.

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Top End Floor Cleaning is a locally retained and operated throughout the Darwin, Palmerston and rural Northern Territory areas with the experienced of over 15 years. Top End Floor Cleaning has highly trained and experienced team; has built up a strong client base and regular trade from real estate agents, residential blocks, offices, fast food companies with aim to deliver high quality, cost effective and consistent cleaning services. 

Top End Floor Cleaning is conscious for keeping customer’s property clean, which is one of the best ways to promote well-being. Furthermore, regular vacuuming and mopping are essential to maintain the daily hygiene, however resorting to professional floor cleaning on a regular basis is vital to extend the lifespan of hard surfaces. We would ensure that you’re provided with in-depth cleaning services to truly care about your property, health and satisfaction. 



Absolutely amazed by how clean our floors are! Top End floor cleaning did an amazing job & will be referring them to our friends and family for future jobs. Floor looks almost brand new.


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